Stage Focus: First day of construction of our new Kapiti Coast Property.

Photo One: Floor plan of the property being built.
Photo Two: Your new family home here – watch this space!
Photo Three: Elevation building plans of the new home.

Building Summary: All the profiles for the setting out of the building have been done.
Earthmover stripped section and has dug foundations for the builders Glenn and Paddy for them to start work on footings.

Property Fact: Length of time to prepare a standard New Zealand 1 story family home foundation?

Depending on the size of your new house will change the length of time it takes to prepare your foundation. For a standard New Zealand 1 story family home you would expect this building stage to take around 1 week.

Next Building Stages: Property Preparation

When this stage starts expect lots of digging and big machines as progress begins on our section.

We will have our team busy clearing, excavating, and leveling this section according to the plans listed in the photo’s. It won’t take long for the outline and footprint of this new property to be revealed. I will be updating in the upcoming posts where you will you’ll be able to see the rough shape of your this new Kapiti Coast Property for sale as we ready it for its new potential family.

Get updates on our Kapiti Coast Property for sale.

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