Stage Focus: (Questions to ask to make sure your new home purchase is a stable investment.) Construction of floor slab for our new Kapiti Coast Property.

Photo One: The block-work foundation wall has been laid.

Photo Two: Back filling with sand inside block-work foundation. 

Photo Three: The floor slab preparation is done ready for concrete. 

Photo Four: Elevation building plans of the new home.

Photo Five: Floor plan of the property being built.

Building SummaryFloor slab with block-work foundations.

Do you know if your chosen homes footing has been dug correctly and what does does that mean to the rest of the homes future?

As we know the foundations is the most important aspect of every building and today our focus is the footing which are being dug while reinforcing steel forming inside the footing. A key step here is getting this all signed off by your council inspector, its a detailed process that needs to be 100% correct. Why it’s your safety and your families future.

We next move to your foundation wall of the house. (block-work foundation)

Next the block-work foundation wall is laid on top of concrete footings and then inspected again by council before concrete is poured inside block-work.

The inside area of the block-work foundation is filled with sand, compacted and level.

At this stage pre-slab plumbing is layout as per plans this plans. This is inspected and tested by council.

Finally the builders lays black polythene across the whole floor area which is taped together to form a waterproof barrier. Then sheets of polystyrene are laid on top to provide insulation. Reinforcing mesh is laid on top and tired together to strengthen the concrete floor slab.

Property Fact: Floor slab with block-work foundations.

Next Building Stages: Erecting of Timber framing.

Timber frames are computer designed, cut and built in a factory environment utilising precision machinery and experienced design and fabricated. Once transported to site, the wall frames are erected by the construction team and forms the backbone of your structure. This is a cost effective and time saving process, allowing your team to get on with the next stage of erecting trusses, rafters or roof solutions. The building becomes weather tight and secure earlier than would be the case if the frames were constructed on site.

I will be updating in the upcoming posts where you will you’ll be able to see the rough shape of your this new Kapiti Coast Property for sale as we ready it for its new potential family.

Get updates on our Kapiti Coast Property for sale.

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